Saturday, 15 November 2014

Pom-Pom Snowball Wreath

I did a demo this week in Hobbycraft of a Pom Pom wreath.

Charlie, the assistant manager there, provided me with a big bag of pom poms, all lovingly made out of a thick fluffy off-white yarn - and they were rather large pom-poms, think "big orange" size.

So a big wreath form was needed.

I cut a large ring out of an old cardboard box - around about 2 feet wide.
Then I glued the pom poms with a hot glue gun to the cardboard ring, pressing them down well so they would get a good grip.   

Round and round I went, sticking pom-poms  :)  Luckily he had made plenty.

Ta dah!   A big fluffy ring of snowball squidgyness.

I thought it needed something else, so I got some little ready made pom-poms and popped them in-between the big ones.

I also stuck one to my nose, just because.  It was hot - don't do it!

This is Rebecca showing the scale of the wreath.  To reward her for letting me use her photo I said I would send you to her website - here it is, off you go and have a look at her lovely things   :)

And here is the snowball wreath on display - huge isn't it?

Try it yourself, all you need is a wreath form (styrofoam or cardboard), some pom-poms and a hot glue gun  (just stay away from your nose!)

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