Friday, 7 November 2014

Some more tutorials added

When I last wrote about adding more tutorials I bet your thought I would be ages didn't you?   Well, knowing how tardy I can be you would normally be correct.   But I have knuckled down and got a few more listed for you - all for the price of a cup of coffee  (or towards a nice bottle of red, which is more my style :) )

So, here are the latest ones for you.

Floral Cups (aka Lilly Bells)  A beadwoven little flower cup that sits upon a bead, then strung in a row to form a pretty bracelet.

Featured in Beads & Beyond magazine, July 2009, pages 28-30. you can find the download tutorial HERE.

Next we have the Ruffle Cuff.   This piece was also in a magazine, in fact it got onto the front cover, but I cannot, for the life of me, remember which one it was.  I am sure to have a copy somewhere...... somewhere.....

It is made using Peyote stitch with varying sizes of seed beads, which create the ruffle effect.  You can find it HERE.

Next up  (I sound like an auctioneer a bit now) we have a Gemstone Twist - this was featured in Beads & Beyond, Issue 15, December 2008, page 62/63

You can learn the technique then use it with different chips to make bracelets or necklaces.

And I am going to give you this one for free, just for reading.  you can find it HERE.

Or what about a brightly coloured "Four Seasons" choker?

Featured in Beads & Beyond, issue 13, October 2008, this is the Peyote stitch technique, shaped to make a comfortable choker then embellished in lucite flowers.

Hopefully that little lot will keep you busy for a while, meanwhile I will work on adapting and listing some more.   Look out for the next instalment   :)

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