Sunday, 23 November 2014

Beginners Patchwork at Hobbycraft

On Friday I held a Beginners Patchwork class up at Hobbycraft in Carlisle.

I took a big box of various fabrics, templates, needles, threads, etc..... and we all just dug in and got to work with a basic hexagon shape.

Two hours later, and a lot of "ooooing and ahhhhhing" over fabric, we had the start of a patchwork panel.

This is Janet's work....

And Mary's.....

And Elaine's....

I think their fabric choices worked really well and looked superb together.   They also took enough home to add another couple of rounds, so can't wait to see them once they are a bit bigger.

If you fancy having a go yourself I will be holding another one in the new year.   Check out my Facebook page for more details, or watch this space  :)

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  1. That looks really good, they have made a fantastic job of the hexagons :)


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