Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Whatever happened to "spare time"?

Time?  Can someone tell me how it manages to tick by so quickly?

I have lists of things to do, and rough ideas of how long it should take, but it never works out like that - the time just zooms on by and before I know it, time has run out and the jobs list, as ever, is un-ticked.

For example, working on new class lists for the month ahead, this can take ALL DAY.  By the time I have thought up what classes to offer, to checking the dates are free at the venue, then doing fliers and updating the website.  I can start at 9am, and finish at 6pm with a panic that nothing else got done that day!

Then there are commissions - un-timeable things.  But often comes with a feeling of guilt that you are playing with crafts rather than cleaning dog snot off the living room windows.

Squeeze into the mix actually going out to work - ok, so I don't do many hours, but it's still hours out of my ever shrinking days.

The rapidly growing grass and the ever sprouting dandelions are just left to wildly mature as time will just not let me take care of them.

Just one jarful of extra time would help me out immensely - so if anyone has any to spare, please pass it my way  :)


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