Thursday, 9 July 2015

Incredibly busy

I feel I have abandoned my Bloggy people, but the last few weeks have been totally manic around here.

I have had lots of commissions, that I cannot yet share with you, but soon.  They are taking up a lot of my time and whereas I would normally share snippets, I can't even do that, but hey!  I am not complaining, it keeps me out of mischief.

I have also been trying to sort and tidy The Shed out to make a better storage area for my continually growing yarn stash.   I am outgrowing the largest bedroom in the house.  When my daughter had this room she had a double bed, triple wardrobe, sofa, coffee table, TV on stand, computer desk, bookcase, chest of drawers and bedside cupboards in it, so you can imagine how big it is - yet I am filling it to the brim with yarns!  I should stop hoarding.

I have just posted my latest box of commissions, so you would think I would have time to breathe, but no, I have a 10 week Crochet Course starting tonight, in one hour in fact, so need to shake my tail and go and get ready for that.

Then, it will be time to relax for a few days as I go off with some friends for my Daughter, Shona's, Hen Weekend.   We are doing lots of touristy things in Manchester and I am looking forward to it loads.   Watch out for some blogs when I get back.

I do feel a little guilty though as I am leaving the Hubster with all the housework I have been avoiding while trying to get through my pile of crafty creations.  Still, will give him something to do I guess   :)

See ya soon.

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