Sunday, 26 July 2015

My first hand-made card

You know I don't do papercraft, right?  Well, I did venture into the deep dark depths of papercrafting and made a card!

Fair enough, I only dipped my little toe into the massive ocean that seems to be papercraft, I mean - just how many types of cards can you make.  Don't bother answering, I know it is loads.

So, this card was for my lovely Hubster who graduated last week at UCLAN with a Certificate of Education.

Now, when I say "I made a card" you would be allowed to translate that into "I assembled a card" as what I really did was buy a pack of card toppers from Hobbycraft, and a single blank card with envelope.  (I am not planning to make any more, so a single one was just fine!)

Then I peeled off the backing on the sticky dots at the back of each sticker, and stuck them in place.  Clever huh?

I did write the "Congratulations" on it, which had to be the most arty/crafty thing I had done on this particular project.  I find that if your hand writing looks a bit pants, as mine did, add little dots to the ends of the letters and it make it magically better.

I felt that Hubster had put so much work into his qualification that I should make a bit of effort to mark the occasion.   He seemed to be quite chuffed with his little card, probably because in 15 years it is the first card I have ever given him  :)  (Maybe I bought him one on our wedding day.)

Safe to say, I won't be pursuing the art of papercraft  :)


  1. it looks fab! papercraft is my weakness (or at least the supplies are, i rarely use them...oops)

    1. Sometimes you just have to buy things to stroke and look at :)

  2. Fantastic! Bet he loved it.


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