Wednesday, 8 July 2015

A giant Mandala - in a Hula Hoop

This week I have been playing with a new yarn - DMC Natural XL, which is gorgeous.... but more about that later when I do my review.

After making a few bits and bobs there was a bit left over - part balls of four bright and cheerful colours.   What can I make with these, I wondered.

What I REALLY wanted to do was to make a blanket, I just thought the yarn would lend itself so well to a lap blanket, but I didn't have enough.

A mandala, I decided.  I quite like making mandalas, especially out of my head as I just hook what I think the next row needs.

I got to work, picking up the colours in no particular order, hooking different stitches in no particular pattern.

Then of course, it got bigger and bigger.  I would need a frame to put it on.

So off I popped to Argos and picked up a twin pack of Hula Hoops.  This would make an ideal frame, I thought.

And it did!

Now, I have no where to display something quite that big, so I took it up to Hobbycraft where it got a place next to my Afghan Blanket   :)

Go have a look if you like  :)  It is in the Carlisle store, just off J44 of the M6.


  1. dont suppose theres a good tutorial on making mandalas? Was at the shop the other day and saw this and thought something like that would be great in my daughters room but I have never made mandalas

    1. If you are local why not come to my Crochet & Craic session (every other Monday, the next one is on 20th July at 5.30-7.30. Just turn up :) and I will show you how to make one :)


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