Thursday, 30 July 2015

Knitting Gauge - converting Needle Size from metric to UK

I am often amazed by people's discovery of a little craft tool that makes life so much easier.

There are a few of them about, but the one I am talking about today is a Knitting Gauge.

The conversation usually starts with "Do you have any idea how to convert 'old' numbered knitting needles to today's sizes?"

Well, kinda, I know off by heart the ones I use regularly - I know a number 10 is a 3,25mm and a number 11 (which I am currently using) is a 3.00mm, but as for the rest, I could work it out I guess, but why bother when you can buy one of these.... a knitting gauge!  (Available in Hobbycraft)

It's a small rectangular piece of plastic with holes in. On one side of the holes are the 'old' numbers, while on the other are the new numbers.   The holes are there so you can work it out even if your numbers have rubbed off over the years, which, let's face it, is a common annoyance.  Oh.... and DPN's of course, which come with no numbers on, and unless you are very neat and tidy and keep them in the original packaging, it can be most annoying to work out what size is what.

So, at work, when I show people these, it's like they have discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen, they think it is the most genius thing ever.  Which got me wondering.... do other people know about this clever little device that only costs £1.50 and makes life so much easier?

I should do a blog post.

So, here you go  :)

And for those who don't have access to buy a gauge, here YOU go....

Metric UK
2mm 14
2.25mm 13
2.75mm 12
3mm 11
3.25mm 10
3.75mm 9
4mm 8
4.5mm 7
5mm 6
5.5mm 5
6mm 4
6.5mm 3
7mm 2
7.5mm 1
8mm 0
9mm 00
10mm 000


  1. Though I don't knit, I can see that this would be immensely helpful.

    1. Would you believe I have just found one today, free on a magazine, that's shaped like a fox!! Fabulous.


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