Wednesday, 19 August 2015

A knitted Clanger - free pattern link

I was asked to make a Clanger using this pattern from the CBeebies website.

I didn't have any 4ply yarn so I did this one on DK using 3mm hooks.

It really is rather a cute pattern, and although easy to follow, it does involve making quite a few pieces.

Don't be put off by the I-Cord technique of knitting certain bits  (the ear trims and the hair), it might sound a bit tricky but it works really well and gives you a 'French Knitting' type of effect.

As well as yarn you will need felt in two shades of pink and black for the clothing, ear lining and feet.

I felt it helped to pin the pieces in place on the body so I knew how to stitch them together.

And then it was done!  Cute little thing isn't it?

And now it has gone off to it's new home where hopefully it will be loved and cherished  :)

Have you made one?

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