Monday, 10 August 2015

An old school desk

I recently picked up this most marvellous old school desk, in a charity shop, for the grand price of just £2.00!  Yep, two shiny pound coins.

I shoved it in the car quick (or rather Hubster did) and dropped it straight off with Daddy L for a quick clean up,  (because he is good at that  :), and it was rather grubby).

When it was all clean and ship-shape, it came back to me. But I needed drawers.  And would you believe it my RUB (REally Useful Box) 4 litre fitted perfectly.  I needed another 14 of them  :)

But the,  just to throw a spanner in the works, when I went to get them I spotted a Curver A4 tray, which also fits perfectly.

Now I cannot decide which one to use.  The RUB box at £5.00 each or the Curver Tray at £3.00 each.

Will trays be easier, are boxes more useful?  Will the lids get on my nerves?   Arggghhhhhh.

Help me choose!


  1. the trays are infinitely prettier.. and lids may get in the way BUT it depends whether youre likely to be moving the box/tray around a lot?

    1. This is planned to be for my personal sewing stuff so I might not move it about at all, so I think I might go with the trays afterall :)

  2. Trays. The boxes will be a right fanny on.


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