Saturday, 8 August 2015

Sparkly Crystal Jewellery

This week I was asked if I could bash up some jewellery for a friend of a friend's birthday.  The brief was 'delicate, pretty, not too much colour, on silver'.

So out came the pliers  (I only used these old one for about 3 minutes when I decided to get off my lazy bum and go and look for my decent ones - it made the job much easier once I had found them!

I used a pack of silver chain, and some half silver crystal rondelles in 6mm and 4mm.
I also had a heart & arrow shaped toggle clasp and some earwires.

First I made a bracelet, the half silver rondelle work beautifully with the silver, it sparkles without colour.

Then I made matching earrings too.  

(Incidentally I am holding a class soon to make these earrings at Hobbycraft in Carlisle. Click HERE for more details)

Voilà!  A nice sparkly jewellery set is done.

It's so nice to go back and revisit things you have once done a lot of.  I really enjoyed doing this again, although my new vari-focal glasses weren't that good, I had to resort to my reading specs which meant I couldn't watch TV at the same time..... oh, the joys of growing old!

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  1. Will you put this on BB, Sooz? It's so quiet there and this might just inspire some members to get photographing and posting. It's good to see you making jewellery again. I hope you've rebitten by the bug.


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