Sunday, 16 August 2015

Zentangle on a Slate Heart

I have been eyeing up this slate heart in Hobbycraft for a while now, wondering what I could possibly do with one.  Then an idea just popped into my head  - Zentangle it!

So I grabbed a 20cm one and a Kuretake paint pen and got to work.

I  used my Tangle Cards - Yoga for the Brain - for the designs on this one.  The cards are great, you just pick your pattern, flip the card over, and follow the instructions on how to draw the Tangle.

Then I decided to do another for display in Hobbycraft, Carlisle.  This time I used the book Zentangle 1 for the most basic patterns.

It worked out quite nicely I think.

... but why waste a perfectly good side and leave it blank?  So I decided to Tangle that side too, this time I just Googled Tangle patterns and used some I found online.

It's really nice making these, you get totally lost in the process.

Wondering what else I can Tangle now  ;)

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