Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Festival clothing

Summer is the time of festivals, and having just been to one myself I realise just how much effort people put into their clothes for such events.

As these ladies did.

When I first claimed my patch of grass I spotted these jumpers across the back of 6 chairs, I thought to myself that someone had made a lot of effort, or did they have a knitting club and they all made their own.

As the evening drew in on the jumpers started to go on and I grabbed this shot, but then I decided that really I should go and talk to these colourful ladies and find out more about their jumpers.

It turned out that one of their Mum's made them all - a 75 yr old lady no less, I bet she enjoyed seeing them come together with all those wonderful neon colours.  Matching leg warmers too!

Thank you ladies, if you are reading this, for letting me take and use your photo.  Your bright and cheery jumpers made my day.  Always like to see a bit of craft work  :)

So... talking of festival clothing, do you remember the spray paint neon t-shirt I made a wee while ago?

Here is is again....

You can easily make yourself one of these, my tutorial is on the Hobbycraft blog which you can find by clicking below.

What festival clothes have you made?  Pop me a photo on  my Facebook page.

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