Thursday, 26 May 2016

A Quilling workshop

A couple of weekends ago we decided to travel down to Oxfordshire, we have friends there and Hubsters family live there also.  It was high time we visited them.

On one of the days we were there, my Mother-In-Law was going to a Quilling workshop - she is a very keen and very wonderful Quiller herself - so I cheekily asked if I could tag along.

The group meets at this Botley W.I. Hall.

So, in I trotted, behind the MIL, no idea what I had signed myself up for, except I knew it was papercraft, and I generally DON'T DO papercraft.

The tutor (Diane Boden Crane) showed everyone how to make the cutest little plant pots with bunnies sticking out of them.  This scared me half to death, I would never manage one of those, I was sure...after all, these ladies were all accomplished Quillers already.  So I just went off and did my own thing, with some guidance and help from the lovely folk on my table.

I picked some papers that I liked the colours of....

And, as mentioned, after a wee bit of help to be shown how to curl and shape, I got to work making name cards for my Granddaughters.

I then got a little more adventurous and started work on a random flower design that just popped into my head as I went along.

I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop, so much so that I bought all the stuff to continue at home (although I have still to remove them from the carrier bag) so watch this space...

Oh, these pretty boxes are the work of my MIL, so you can see I have a long long way to go yet   :)

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