Saturday, 4 June 2016

"Ellie" suncatchers

Working at Hobbycraft is not a great idea when you are a big crafter.  Especially when you see a new delivery come in with lots of new goodies on it!

Which is exactly what happened when this lot arrived......  

A bunch of suncatchers, in all the letters of the alphabet. Of course, I had to buy some.

1 x H, 1 x O, 1 x P, 3 x E, 2 x L, 1 x I..... and what do they spell?  Hope and Ellie of course.  My grand-babies.

I handed Hope's letters over to her Mum, thinking they could have some fun together painting them.  I was going to do the same with Ellie's letters, but my daughter Shona came to visit that night and after a couple of glasses of wine each we decided we would paint them ourselves.

It was actually rather fun, the gel type paint gets dabbed on with a plastic spatula type tool, and pushed about, to give a pleasing see-through gel finish.

I made a bit of a mess with the purple "L" by dropping red accidentally on it, so I had to blob some more to make it look like it was done on purpose  ;)  (Shouldn't have really told you that then you would have just thought I was super artistic!!)

If you want to get some for yourself, here is the link.....

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