Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Colourful Baby Blanket

I made this a long while ago for a blog post, but it was never featured so I guess it is ok to share it   :) 

It is made from W.I.  (Women's Institute) yarn called "Soft & Silky".  It really is the most gorgeous feeling yarn, really satiny - and it is 100% acrylic so it washes really well.

I chose these candy, springtime colours, as I get bit sick of seeing babies in either blue or pink.

Zingy lime, refeshing orange, with a soft lilac and lemon, all joined together with a warm vanilla cream.  Sounds a bit like a posh pudding, doesn't it?

I did a series of rows, alternating the colours.

I shall write the pattern up very soon, just in case you fancy making one for yourself  :)

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  1. Those colors are brilliant. I have been thinking how I could use the WI yarn. And that blanket gave me an idea: a waistcoat would be great in those colours ... love the use of all different stitches too


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