Thursday, 19 May 2016

Filet owl blanket for Ellie

Following on from my disastrous doily making while on holiday in Portugal, I ditched that project as you may remember as I had 3 balls of W.I. Acrylic in my suitcase for emergency crochet needs.

I also had a half designed filet pattern for an Owl, which I hurriedly finished.  I thought I could then make up the owl panel sample for one of my classes.

Sadly, it didn't take long and I was only the first day into my 7 day holiday!
So I reversed the pattern and made another.  

Which do you prefer?

Then another...

Might as well make a 4th then.

Now, you can see a blanket forming, a little square for a blanket though, so I thought something was needed for the middle to stretch it out a bit.

Using a scrap of paper and a biro I quickly worked out a chart for this name..... my new, then to be born, but now born, Granddaughter, Ellie.

Yep, that works better to make a decent sized baby blanket.

Time to crochet all the panels together.

And finally an edging, just a few rows of Half Trebles to finish it off, I thought a shell of fan edging would take away the focus on the main design, so I kept it plain.

It desperately needed blocked (steamed to bring out the wrinkles) but who irons when on holiday?  Not me, I am way too busy crocheting!!  But now it is done and looks a little better (I hope!!)

If you fancy my Owl chart so you can make this yourself, you can find it here....

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