Sunday, 22 May 2016

The planning of a Peacock Feather blanket

I was asked a little while ago if I could make a Peacock Feather Blanket.  I am sure I can, I thought, as the requester then sent me a photo of someone elses.  I shut it down quickly as I don't like to be over inspired by other people's work, I would rather work things out myself and come to my own design.

Ok, so sometimes it is similar to other people's work. I guess with something like they eye of a peacock feather, it's going to have similarities somewhere, or they are not going to look like what they are supposed to look like, but hopefully different enough not to be a copy.

The first thing to do was find inspiration. Not a difficult task when you have Google, and a quick search gave me these...

When I started this design I was at my Parent's house, without any kind of yarn that would go anywhere near to being the correct colours, so I just grabbed what I could from my Mother's stash and got to work.

I worked out the eye, then the shape, all ok so far..

Now how to join them?  I added an edging to make it easier and worked out which parts of the edging needed to be joined together to make all the pieces fit.

But, I am not sure about this bit.  It makes it look a bit odd, I might pull it out again.

So I decide the best thing to do would be to get the correct colour yarns, make up a load of the motifs, and go from there....

Stylecraft Special DK in Bright Green, Cloud Blue, Bottle Green, Plum, Gold and Royal Blue.  (and a cat tail)

So, watch this space, as they say....

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