Monday, 15 July 2013

Cork Hat

Do you remember me mentioning I had bought a new hat?

Well, I thought it deserved a post of it's very own as I love it quite a lot.

I've wanted a decent summer hat for ages, but just cannot find anything that rocks my boat at all.

Baseball caps make me look extremely strange, people avoid me when I wear a baseball cap  (or do people avoid me anyway, I just can't tell!).  Other styles just do not suit at all.  The nicest hat was one I bought in a tiny little shop on the island of Rhodes about 12 years ago, it is made from woven paper though, so it isnt very durable if it gets wet. It also isnt too good at shoving in a bag as it takes ages to pull back into shape again.

Although I have had it for 12 years and it has travelled to various parts of the world since then, I have the cheek to be upset with it when I realise it needed replaced.

Next weekend I am heading to Fairford Air Tattoo, a most fabulous show which I will blog about after the event, with this wonderful weather we have been having I realised I definitely needed a new hat.

Well, would you believe it?  Before I even had tome to look I found myself at the West Cumbria Game Fair doing a demo and right there, on the stall beside me, was a stall full of leather goods - handbags, hats, shoes, umbrellas, purses, jewellery.  Or at first glance I THOUGHT it was leather.

Just as I decided not to look (I try not to buy leather goods) I realised it was not leather at all, it was...... CORK !  The stall was

Yep, an umbrella made from cork - how genius is that?

So I bought myself a hat.

It is water resistant and lightweight, the selling point was when the chap behind the stall screwed it up and said "You can shove it in a bag"  BINGO!  Kerching.

Found a fab little video on YouTube that might interest you.

Here is a "selfie" - I heard that if you take your own photo while looking up you eliminate the chins.  This is me, staring as high as I can, almost vertically.  The chins have gone - I might continue to live in that position.

Still, as lovely as it is, I think I need to hippiefy it a little - what do you think?  Crochet daisies around the brim?

Crocodile Dundee eat your heart out.

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