Friday, 5 July 2013

Goodness me, it's July already - GIVEAWAY!!

I know the months and years are supposed to fly by quicker when you are older, but seriously....this quick?

I am sure I just washed up after Christmas Dinner a few days ago.  Didn't I just finish the chocolate covered brazil nuts?  Isn't the Malibu still in the cupboard?   Well, actually, yeah the Malibu is still in the cupboard, I think it's been there for about 3 years now, I should drink it.

So, there you go, it's the seventh month and time to do my monthly giveaway.

How about a tie-dyed bag with my cute little Opus Moon label attached.

You can have the colour/pattern of your choice (as long as I still have it) and I will post it to you anywhere in the world.

All you have to do is let me know you would like to be included in the draw.  Blog comments, Facebook comments, email me, text me, nudge me, poke me - whichever.  (If you decide on the poke option please make sure your implement is blunt)

I will draw the names on Tuesday 9th using a random name generator.

Good luck!


  1. nudge ... poke ... like ... I love those bags! But I think there are many others deserve them more ... Hey did I tell you that Flappy Owl (you know the one that flew out of your window and landed here with me) now flapps around my car and spends much time hanging from my rear view mirror? ... she loves it there and no monkeys to bother her ...

  2. I will enter you in the draw anyway Margret, you deserve it for being one of my best followers :)

  3. Margret, you won a bag, which one would you like?

  4. Boy ... I missed this ... Sooz I am soooo sorry ... I had a bit of a horrid time these last couple of weeks ... And I am not worried about which bag. By choice for me always purple and/or red ... but I am not really worried :)
    Thank you soooo much


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