Saturday, 13 July 2013

Spider gloves challenge

Over on my Facebook page I popped up a post asking for a challenge.  From the answers I would pick a random suggestion and make that item and send it to the person who suggested it.

I got some great suggestions....
  • Melissa - Crochet Skull Earrings
  • Vickie - knitted or crochet spider gloves
  • Andrew - A reversible balaclava
  • Cazz - Camper Van
  • Lottie - Vegan chocolate fudge cake
  • Cazz - Armchair
  • Margret - Crochet dolls house curtains
  • Dee - Rainbow hooded waistcoat
  • Cazz - Dog coat
  • Maddie - Tail warmer for dogs
  • Simon - Grim reaper balaclava
  • Barbara- Elephant Shoulder bag
  • Mary - Beaded knitted arm warmers
  • Shelley - something pretty with papercraft
I popped them all into a Random Name Generator and prayed it would not be the papercraft one, anything but the papercraft would be fine, but I don't do papercraft  :)

Phew!  Or at least I think it is Phew!  Knitted or crocheted spider gloves.  My mind is whirring already, looking forward to starting this one.

I have done one of these "throw it open" challenges before, way back in October 2010 when I ended up making a beaded snake.  You can read about that HERE.

So, watch this space, I won't be doing any updates just a final reveal when the gloves are completed.

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  1. That's some challenge! Looking forward to seeing what you make!
    The game fair must have been boiling. Hope you got lots of nice pupils for your next session at Higham Hall.


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