Friday, 12 July 2013

I'm melting

Seriously, I am melting, I am leaving puddles on the floor, that once cold will set into mini Soozes.

The heat is stifling here in Carlisle, it is hotter than a devils fart after a vindaloo.  And THAT is hot!

Yet I am complaining.

I don't do heat very well, I must prefer to be cold.  I wear flip-flops all year round, never wear my jumper at work, barely wear a coat and even when I do I usually end up carrying it coz I get too warm.

This week has mainly saw me stripping down to my underwear and a t-shirt (trust me, it;s NOT a good look) and desperately trying to find shadows to hide in.  (Oh, the underwear thing is in the privacy of my own home, I wouldn't inflict a sight like that on anyone!)

I can't crochet as my wool squeaks against the hook as I work (hot & sweaty hands). I can't knit for the same reason.  I can't bead coz there is no way I can even walk into the Shed as it's like the hottest sauna ever and I am afraid I will collapse and never be found.  I can't paint because.... well, I just can't paint.

Actually, I've always wanted to paint, but anything I have ever tried to do looks like something I got presented with out of nursery when the kids were little.

So I am just hanging about.

Hanging about my craft room, sending a couple of emails before deciding it's too hot and leaving.
Hanging about my conservatory, which is a stupid idea as it's like an oven in there.
Hanging about my living room, watching the crappest daytime TV until I decide it is brain numbing.
Hanging about my garden, till the dog poops and I have to go back in (Have you ever smelt dog poop in the heat?  Let's just say the stench intensifies LOTS!

What I really want to be doing is lounging most seductively on a sunbed, with an iced glass of something sparkly on the table next to me, with soft music coming from the iPod dock and a wonderful feeling of calm and relaxation.

My reality is I have no sunbed - I have a swing chair that gives me motion sickness. I can't do seductive lounging - think more beached whale gasping for water, all I can hear outside are the neighbours kids (I've lost count of how many kids are in our cul-de-sac now, compare to none at all 3 years ago) the boinging of a trampoline overpowers my soft music, and the only ice in my freezer are the ice cubes made of fabric dye for a future project.  (Don't worry, I have a note on them!)

I'm going to stay inside and melt some more.  In the meantime let me share with you some melting art work - I love the effect of these, the way everything seems to flow.  Click on the photos to take you to their original source.

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