Thursday, 25 July 2013

Cathedral Rose Afghan - update #1

When I was away in Gloucester and Fairford last week I took my Cathedral Rose project to keep me out of  mischief :)

I crocheted on the Travelodge bed...

and I crocheted inbetween aircraft displays at the Airshow.

So, this is where I am at with it.

The middle section is done, and edged with black.

I didn't want to take loads of yarn to the Airshow, so I just took a ball of Hayfield Bonus and made a pile of purple parts.
The second day I took a ball of the Sirdar Click and made a load of patterned parts.

The next stage will be to edge the purple ones in black and start assembling them.
The patterned one are for a little later on in the project.

Shona keep asking why I haven't finished her ripple blanket yet, I am so bad at starting new projects before finishing old ones off.

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