Sunday, 3 August 2014

Loom Bands on a French Knitting Doll

I presume you have come across this craze that is sweeping the country, if not the world!  Loom bands.

If not, where have you been?  I even walk past dis-guarded bands in the street on my dog walks.  Everyone seems to be wearing them regardless of age, gender or social standing.

So, not wanting to miss the bandwagon as it rumbled on by, I jumped on it and made a loom band bracelet   :)

Not owning a loom though, and only even been shown by my niece how to do it on two fingers  (which made my fingers ache and go a funny colour) I decided to try and French Knit them on my Dolly bobbin.

It worked perfectly well surprisingly.

But, goodness, it was so addictive.  "Just another band" at 1.00am when I was making my third and really telling myself that it was time to climb the wooden stairs to bed.

But I did make three cutey bracelets   :)

I have written a tutorial for how to make these bracelets on a knitting spool, and you can download it HERE for free   :)

If you don't have a Knitting Doll already you can purchase one HERE or in kit form with a pack of loom bands HERE.

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