Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My handbag obsession

My fabulous Hubster bought me a much sought after handbag for my birthday.  (My birthday was way back in May, but due to him having to back-order it, it didn't arrive until a couple of weeks ago).

I lust after Vendula bags in general, as they are fake leather  (good for vegetarians) but ever so funky and pretty.   I have been especially lusting after this Poppy Maisy bag for AGES !   The reason I have never treated myself is that I just couldn't justify it, having already squirrelled away plenty of other "must have" bags that barely see the light of day.

But it arrived, in a package, addressed to me.  I was so excited and childishly chuffed.  It does differ slightly from the one shown online, it is more like the 'Macy' style they do in other design-ways, but I don't mind too much  :)

And, I have used it...... once.   I was a bit too precious about who went near it, and that I couldn't put it on the floor in case the studs get dirty.  Hopefully that will pass  :)

Now, for those who know me on a personal level, you will be saying to yourself, "Hang on, handbag obsession?   I never see her with a handbag", and you would be correct.  You usually see me with my keys, phone, loose change, etc... stuffed into my trouser pockets in a most un-lady like fashion.  I usually dash out of the door (late) and just grab the essentials.   When it actually comes to the rare occasion that I am prepared, and on time, I find I have too much stuff in my hands and have to go find one of my bags.

So, I have dug a few of my favourites out of the cupboard to show you.  (Dusted off the moths).

In no particular order.....

Matthew Williamson, from the Butterfly range at Debenhams.   Ooooo, that was a mistake, searching for that link for you, I have just spotted another one to lust over!

But seriously, isn't this just the prettiest bag?  It has sequins and everything  :)

Also from the same designer / same range, is this one that a friend bought me years ago for my birthday.   a blooming big jewelley butterfly on this one  (although some of the gems have become loose now, I must try and pop them back in).

This little yummy, or rather super big yummy is a Desigual bag  (the 'S' should be back to front but my keyboard won't do that!)  I tracked this down after feeling the need to stop someone in the street to ask where she got her bag from, well it was either that or I was going to just grab it and run!
It is HUGE, with pockets everywhere, inside and out.  A great weekend bag, or for a trip on the train - you can get loads of crochet yarns in it  :)

This beauty I bought at a local mill shop called Linton Tweeds.  It is really an outlet for their fabrics, along with a lovely coffee shop, but they have the odd accessory in there too.  And this was really well priced too if I remember correctly.

This one is from Lakeland (a long time ago, before I became a vegetarian) and although I don't use it anymore, (in fact when I pulled it out of the cupboard just then, I greeted it like a long lost friend), it is a nice shaped bag and maybe one day someone will need to borrow it.

I don't particularly like this one, and cannot for the life of me remember where it came from, but it is the most useful bag to use on holiday - loads of pockets, lightweight, showerproof and you can just sling it over your shoulder.  Looks naff though.

Awww, cute little bag - only holds a sunglasses case and an iPhone, but it's cuteness makes up for it.  Actually, I have it hung in my bedroom just to look at.

And finally, a boring looking bad.  Faux leather again, from Accessorize. This bag was bought on holiday in York, I have VERY specific requirements (colour, shape, size, pockets) and it ticked all the boxes.  It is actually the bag that you are most likely to see me with.

The dangly teddies on one side are there as a reminder to that weekend away.  Myself & Hubster and our friends Lezley & Ian were in York for the weekend and we went into Scarborough for the day, where the boys decided they would spend some time in an amusement arcade (as they do).  To keep us ladies quiet they gave us each a little plastic tub full of 2p pieces.   We found a push coin machine which had these little keyrings in, so when the 2p's were pushed along, the keyrings got closer to the edge.

We made it our mission to empty the machine of it's keyrings.  I am not sure how many £'s we changed into 2p's, but it was a lot by the time we had finished.  The boys were bored and had wandered off down the sea-front and somewhere, in the distance, was a fire alarm sounding.

When the boys came back they said that the roof of the building next door was on fire and we should go out and look, but we still had keyrings to win, so we stayed  :)    Ten keyrings we ended up with - 5 each, probably cost us a fortune in the end.  I have three left, two have been released from their metal chains and have gone somewhere to experience the big wide world, another two have lost limbs, but one remains intact - for now.

I went off on a tangent there a bit, but I had finished talking about the bags anyway.  

All that is left to say is that during my photographing session, I emptied them all out - found a hairclip, a dry-felting needle, 17 lady products and £33.18 in loose change!

I took the £33.18 up to Hobbycraft and bought some storage boxes for my new craft room  :)  Pity it was all in 10p and 20p pieces really, but hey, money's money, right?

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  1. I love your new bag and what a lovely hubster you have


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