Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Art Work of Natalie McKean

You know I often do a give-away on Facebook of random bits and bobs?

Well, loads of people I follow do the odd one too, and although I join in, I have never been lucky enough to win anything..... up to now!

I follow Natalie McKean on Facebook as I just love the different aspect of her work, she works on scratch-board to reveal beautiful colours underneath the paint - and I have always had it booked-marked in my head, to buy one of those pieces on day.

But then a few weeks ago she did a quick give-away to the first three people who commented on her post with which piece they would like.   Well, I could hardly move quick enough, and although I could not remember the name of this particular piece, I could describe it well enough fro her to work out which one I was going on about.....    

I would love one of the lady with the muscles looking up into a sunbeam . She's lovely. Please "

A hard-backed enveloped dropped through my letterbox yesterday with my prized won print in it  :)

Isn't she lovely?

Go off and have a look at some more of her work on her website and give her Facebook page a quick like too, you might win something yourself next time.

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