Friday, 1 August 2014

Tesco Mini Chopper - review

You know I have been using my Kenwood Smoothie maker to chop up things in recipes?  Well, I decided it was high time I had a proper chopper, so when I saw this Mini Chopper in Tesco for just £15.00 I was tempted to get it.

As it happens, the Hubster was treating himself to some new t-shirts off the sale rails (this is a very rare occurrence) and he was carrying a basket with them in, so I carefully slid the box into the basket without him seeing  (or feeling the additional weight).   He trotted off to pay for it, put it on the conveyor-belt and packed it in a bag while I stood at the end of the checkout, looking at the ceiling and whistling innocently.

Job done!  Chopper for Sooz, for free   :)

I had picked some more rosehips to make my Mum a bottle of syrup, so I had the perfect excuse to try it out.
The first thing that struck me was what a neat little gadget it was.  A nice, small, but adequate 1 litre bowl and a cute little motor to put on the top for when you 'chop'.

The cord is actually wound up inside the motor part, under my fingers in the photo, making it very neat to store.  You just pull out as little or as much cord as you need to reach your power socket.  I like this feature.

Onto the actual chopping, you put the blade on a spike inside the bowl, then pop the lid on. At this point the blade is not actually connected to anything to make it start spinning, so unless you decide to run your fingers down the sharp edge you should not cut yourself.

Once the lid is in place, you slot the motor part onto the top and make a slight twist to lock it into position, then you simple press down and - BLITZ !

Perfectly chopped Rose Hips in a matter of seconds.  You can chop all sorts in it, except ice and frozen stuff.  Nuts and fruits and veggies are all fine. It even does breadcrumbs beautifully.

To clean you lift out the blade and scoop out the contents of the bowl, leaving just a small bowl, a lid and the blade to wash.

The bowl also comes with a storage lid - now personally, I am not sure about storing things in the fridge with a metal spike in the bottom of the bowl  (the bit the blade sits on).  That metal part may react with certain products and make it taste funny, I don't know, just a thought.   So, in my opinion the lid is not necessary as I would transfer the contents to a different dish for storage anyway.

I love this little chopper, it is perfect for what I need and at such a great price too.  It is definitely going on my 'Favourite Gadgets Shelf'.

If you fancy one, you can buy them online HERE, or pop along to your local Tesco store and sneak it into someone else's basket  ;)

Disclaimer:   I was not sent this product by Tesco, nor asked to do a review. I purchased it myself.  The opinions are my own and for guidance only. 

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