Thursday, 11 September 2014

My day in photos...

It was last November I did a "day in photos" post, so thought it was about time I did another one  :)

The day started at 7.20am, I get up with Hubster these days so Ruby doesn't need to go back in her cage after breakfast.  It's not a hard-ship, I find I get more achieved throughout the day when I have had an early start.

By 7.30am I was sitting with a brew, catching up on my Celebrity Big Brother guilty pleasure and adding a few more pieces to the patchwork project I have going on at the moment.

At 9.00am Ruby and I went for the first dog walk of the day.   When we are out we practise our home-work from Puppy Training Classes.  I have walked a figure of 8 round two trees on our local green  (teaching her to heel) so much that the grass is starting to look bare!

Here she is 'staying'.  She's a good girl.

I found a lovely piece of dried wood on the park that I simply had to take home.  No idea what I will do with it, but I needed to have it.

Home again, and my Fitbit Flex App (it's the pink band thing on my wrist in the photo above) tells me how many steps we took and how far we walked, as well as how many active minutes.  I have the lap of the greenspace and park down to 25 mins now.  As Ruby is just a pup we have to limit her to 3 lots of 30 minute walks a day.

By 10.15am I was in the supermarket, getting supplies for the evening meal.  My son, Iain, and his partner, Helena, were coming for tea.

11.00am - home again and making coleslaw (no onions) as Iain loves coleslaw, but unless it is home-made it tends to be full of onions.  I used carrots, red cabbage, radish, wholegrain mustard and mayo.

Early lunch today at 11.30am as I was ravenous for some reason.  Quorn sausage sandwich  :)

But while I was eating it I forgot the butternut squash roasting in the oven for tonight's tea.   Luckily still salvageable, well most of it.

12.00am was housework time.  I find it so hard to knuckle down and do housework when there are so many crafty things I could be getting on with.

And talking about crafty things, by 1.00pm I was photographing my new design "Squiddly Diddly", for a blog post.  This cute little squid is a child's 'comforter' toy, and will be available as a kit very soon - as soon as I have written up the pattern that is.

At 2.00pm I was sitting down at my computer putting together a class list for November.  I take a break from teaching in December and a bit of January so I needed to get the popular classes squeezed in before then. and yes, you can still see the protective covering on my laptop screen.  I have a thing about leaving them as long as possible.  Must be about 18 months old now  :)

At 3.00pm, in-between writing the class list, I got distracted and drew some Halloween figures onto Shrink Plastic, these will be samples for my Half Term Kid's Club which will be held at Hobbycraft, Carlisle, in October.

By 4.00pm I decided I had had enough time at the computer and wandered downstairs to prepare the dinner for the evening.  Butternut squash (burnt) and mushroom enchiladas for myself, and chicken enchiladas for the carnivores.

By 5.15pm it was time for another little dog trot.   When will Ruby learn that pulling my socks off as fast as I put them on is not a good way of getting out of the house in quick time?

At 5.30pm it's play time on the field.  There is nothing she likes better than to play and run, and get tangled up in the extendable lead.   Have you ever tried to grab an extendable lead as the dog runs?   If not, DON'T, it really blooming well hurts and gives you a very nasty friction burn.

 6.00pm back home again and my Fitbit Flex app now tells me that I have hit my targets for steps and active minutes today, so I feel I have earned a glass or two of wine tonight now  :)

6.30pm and Iain and Helena turn up for dinner.  They get treated to a barrage of animals all wanting attention before they can eat though.

At 8.00pm after dinner, which was lovely by the way, Helena was admiring my patchwork project so I offered to give her a quick lesson. 

She quickly got hooked and they left at 10.30pm with an armful of fabric, needles and thread  :)

11.00pm.  Bedtime.  It's been a long day.


  1. After reading this I feel I have done my steps for the day,thanks.Most enjoyable.

  2. laughing at Maggie's comment, lol. What a lovely day you had and I am fascinated by the fitbit, never seen/heard of them.

    1. I love my Fitbit, it really makes me go out and finish my targets :)

  3. Busy Lady! Well done on keeping up the steps!


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