Monday, 8 September 2014

A last minute Crocheted Minion hat

I have already mentioned my daughters 21st birthday was a few weeks ago.  So, the Monday evening before her birthday, I was all prepared, pressies bought and wrapped, cake planned, restaurant booked.

Then laying in bed, I checked my email for one last time to find a crocheted Minion hat pattern.

I bounced out of bed shouting something about having to make her it RIGHT NOW - Hubby shouted at me to get back in, it was after midnight after all.  But at 7.30 am I was up and rooting through my yarn stash to find suitable yarns.  Really good job I didn't need to go yarn shopping as I just didn't have the time!

At 8.00am on the dot, I sat down with my TV planner to watch the previous evening's Celebrity Big Brother  (my guilty pleasure) and got to work.

At 8.30am I had this....

By 9.00am I had started to add the black line, and having finished Big Brother started to watch Long Lost Family.

By 9.30am I was back on the yellow.

By 10.00am I had pulled it all out  :(  It was just looking way too small.  I had also run out of things to watch so flicked onto some program about Border Control in Australia.   Ooooo, the things people try to sneak in.

By 10.30am, I was back to black.

By 11.00am I had built up the yellow again and added extra rows to make it bigger.  Still watching Border Control.

By 11.30am I had an ear flap.

By 12.00 noon I had two earflaps and an edging.

By 12.30pm I had plaits and an eye.

And by 1.00pm I had finished.  (I was also very bored of daytime TV and had a numb bum!!)

It's still on the small side in my opinion.  Let's call it 'snug', but she loved it and that's all that matters  :)


  1. Sooz,what a mad and lovely Mum you are, lucky Shona.


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