Thursday, 4 September 2014

Learning to use a sewing machine workshop

A couple of days ago I ran a second "Learn to use a Sewing Machine" workshop.

This lass is aimed at people that have already got a sewing machine, but are not quite sure what to do with it, or for those thinking of purchasing their first one.

The class was held at Hobbycraft in Carlisle,  I take my own entry level Singer machine and I 'borrow' an entry level Brother machine too, so students can see how each are similar, or differ.   Both have a different way of threading and popping in the bobbin, so it is good to try variations when considering purchasing.

So, what we do in the workshop is we thread up a bobbin with chose thread colour, learn how to put it in the machine, thread up the machine, then run a few stitches up on a piece of material.

Students then get a little "play time" where they can try out the various stitches that the entry level machines offer  (it's quite a good selection).

We then move onto actually making something - a pin cushion.   I do like people do take away a finished product, if possible, after a class, rather than just a row of stitches on a piece of fabric.

Didn't they do fantastically?

If you fancy having a go at this class, I will be doing another one in November, look out for the November class list - coming soon  :)


  1. Great idea for a class! beautiful pincushions too. They look so so very well made ♥

    1. They did a great job, the blue one with the sunflower button was made by a 13yr old! She was fab at sewing.

  2. Oh, Sooz! Can you please, please, please come to Ireland?! Pretty please? I'm ashamed to admit this, but I honestly don't know how to use a sewing machine, even though my grandmother was a professional seamstress back when I was a young girl (many, many moons ago!), and she always had her wonderful old Singer (with a foot pedal) on her kitchen table, while at the same time she was also baking cookies and cakes for us kids.

    I used to see her customers come to the house (she lived in the first floor flat of our house) with their dresses, shirts, skirts...but yet, I never took any real interest. How I wish I had. Oh, how I wish I had!

    This is an absolutely brilliant idea - but again, I must request (beg, even!) - please come to Ireland and teach me how to use a sewing machine.

    1. If I am ever over your way, I will give you a free lesson for a cuppa :)

    2. Deal! A cuppa plus a scone...and maybe a pint at our favourite local, too. :)

    3. Now you're talking...... ;)


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