Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Asparagus & Sun-Dried Tomato Quiche

I can't really share a lot of crafty stuff at the moment as a lot of the things I have made in the last few weeks have been for Christmas gifts.

So, instead, have an easy peasy quiche recipe.   

In my world I am quite well known for my quiches - amongst my kids anyway. I can get walls stripped, sheds painted, patios laid, and all manner of odd jobs in a trade for a "Mama Sooz Quiche"   :)

I am almost scared to share it  ;)  But honestly, if you have never made quiche before and think it is too daunting, try this.  It's fail safe.

First of all line your tin with pastry - homemade, shop bought, whatever suits.   Trim it or if you have a pastry crust lover in the family, leave it rustic.

I don't bother to pre-bake the pastry, I just put a layer of grated cheese on the pastry to stop it going soggy when the egg is added.  

So, put a layer of grated cheese on   :)

Time to add your filling.   The quiche is in the over about 40-45 mins, so whatever cooks in that time can go in raw.   Most veggies go in raw, but if I make meat based ones for my carnivores, I do used cooked meat.

This one was asparagus and sun-dried tomato, along with a smoked ham for Hubster.

Chop your filling up and chuck it in.

Next crack some eggs into a bowl, no measurements, try 4 eggs to start, you can easily add more if you need to.   Add a splash of milk, or cream, loads of black pepper, a bit of salt and some dried herbs.   Beat.

Pour the mixture on until it covers the filling and comes to the top of the pastry.

Bake at gas 5 for 40-50 minutes, or until the middle stops wobbling.  No one likes a snotty quiche, so make sure it's firm to the touch.

Serve on it's own, with salad, with boiled spuds, or with a large Merlot  ;)

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