Tuesday, 30 December 2014

FREE beginners Patchwork class, in Carlisle

Yep, you read the title correctly - FREE beginners patchwork class.

Ahh, but there is a little catch......... read on to find out.

Once upon a time, a good few years ago, I was a parent of three young children.  Money was tight, times were hard, I couldn't afford to buy nice things and go places - there was just enough money to put food on the table and gas in the meter to cook the food with.   But I don't need violins or sympathy as I certainly was not alone way back then.

But even now, 20 years later, folk are still struggling in the same way.  People having to go to food banks to make sure their kids are fed.  It must be demoralising and embarrassing.

I've done a little, I have donated to food banks, popped pennies in charity tins, blah blah blah....  It helps to feed, but what about the soul?   What about lifting peoples spirits so that they feel better about themselves or their situation.  What about teaching them a hobby, something that they can do to take their minds of things once the nippers are in bed, or even a skill they could use to make and sell items to better their situation?

So that is what I have decided to do.

In February I am going to open up one of my more popular classes for FREE.  The class is beginners patchwork.

The reason I picked this class is because you don't need to buy tools or specialist equipment and materials.  You can use the skills to up-cycle, renew old clothing and make gorgeous new items out of donated fabrics.

The art of patchwork can be used to make cushions, blankets, appliqué and soft toys, which, of course, can then be sold, gifted or kept.

So, the rules.   I am going to offer TWELVE places, totally free of any charge.

This is quite a difficult one to regulate I guess, as I am certainly not going to be checking people's bank statements to see if they should be attending or not, so what I really want you to do is to check your own conscience.

If you can afford false nails, a bottle of wine in front of Sky TV, or the odd take-away pizza, then this freebie class is not for you.   If, however, you have no spare money left at the end of the day/week/month.  If you go without so that your kid's can have, then this IS on offer to you.

I do not need reasons, nor will I ask for any, if you are happy with your application, then I am happy to consider you.

I can only take 12 people, if there are more than 12 applications then it will go into a Random Name Generator so everyone gets an equal, fair, chance.  You will be notified either way by email.

The class will be held on Tuesday 10th February, from 10.30am-12.30pm, in Hobbycraft, Carlisle.  Junction 44 of the M6.  (This is a class held by myself, using Hobbycraft as a workshop space, it is not run or endorsed by Hobbycraft)
Unfortunately there is no provision for child-care, but I have put it on during school hours so hopefully it will be easy for attendees to arrange a babysitter if necessary.

The workshop will included all materials, and you will get a little pack to take away with you so you can continue at home.   All you need to bring is yourself  (and specs, if you wear them).

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not take a place if you are not attending, someone else can use that place.

So, how do you apply, I hear you ask?   Simply send me an email at soozintheshed@gmail.com with your name and a reason why you fancy learning patchwork, I will email you straight back to let you know I have received your request and when the names will be announced.  Of course, you can always nominate someone you think might benefit from this class if you wish.

No names will be mentioned on here or any social networking site.  All correspondence will be made directly.  Everybody who attends should be all in the same boat, so it is a good opportunity to meet people in similar situations too   :)

Good luck with your application.


I would love to hear from you, questions, comments and salutations all welcome.