Thursday, 18 December 2014

A guest slot on BBC Radio Cumbria

This morning was invited to do a guest slot on BBC Radio Cumbria to talk about wrapping Christmas Gifts.

It was loads of fun, even though I still have a really croaky voice after have a nasty winter virus.

If you click on the link below, press the 'play' button and scroll forward to around 38 minutes in.

These are the wrapped gifts we discussed on air.   
The bottle of wine wrapped in fabulously fluffy socks.

The children's handkerchief wrapping a beaded bangle.

And the chocolate bar, sewn into brown paper.

I then went off to the Radio gallery to wrap the Golfing Umbrella and Potted Plant that you heard mention on the podcast.

At 01.08 I was back on air with my wrapped gifts.

At 01.32 you can hear how I got on with wrapping up the producer Tom - yep, I wrapped a bloke!

You can view the video HERE if you like :)

I just thank goodness I was not presented with a bicycle to wrap!!


  1. Great stuff, Sooz! I really enjoyed it, and it definitely made me smile. Hope you and your family have been enjoying a lovely Christmas/Yule/Boxing Day time together.

    I've also been suffering with a nasty dose of whatever it is that's been going around...I'm now into Day 26 of it, though thankfully and mercifully, it's now only a slight cough and still a bit sniffly. I blame it on the lack of a proper winter chill, temperatures-wise. These nasty little bugs have been surviving and thriving on this unseasonably-way-too-mild winter...bring on the proper winter brrrrr, Mother Nature!

    1. I hope you get better soon June, took me about 4 weeks to shift it :(


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