Monday, 22 December 2014

Lining those crochet / knitted stockings

Do you remember the pink stocking (below) I made a few weeks ago?  If not you can find it HERE.  I have since made a smaller one in Christmassy colours.  It is smaller as I only did three rounds in each Granny Square, rather than the four I did with the pink one.

Well, there is always a slight issue with knitting stuff - bags mainly, but also stockings - in that.....
  1. The wool stretches and gets baggy with weight.
  2. Things poke through it.

So I decided to line them.  I took a spare pillowcase.... (sometimes using cheap pillow cases is better value than buying fabric, keep an eye out for them in supermarkets)

.... and cut around them leaving a larger bit at the top which I would trim down later.  Better to have some to trim than cut them too short.  I had two pieces as it was a pillowcase, if just using fabric, fold it in half before you cut.

Pin the two pieces together  with the top folded down so it is the same size as the stocking, and run a stitch around them with a sewing machine.  You can do them by hand of course, but it will take a lot longer  :)

Now pop it into your stocking, seam side out, so there is not an ugly seam inside.

Pin it in place using quite a few pins so it doesn't pucker, then with tiny stitches, hand sew the top to the top, all the way around.

Voilà!  Perfectly lined stockings.  How easy was that?

Ready for the big jolly man in the red suit to come calling now  ;)   And anything skinny will stay safely inside and not fall out through the gaps.

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