Monday, 1 December 2014

Easily widening those dress straps

Do you have dresses that only see the light of day in the summer, when it is too warm to wear anything else?   Or perhaps a Christmas party frock that makes an appearance once a year?

I own four dresses.  Two summer ones that only get used outside of the UK where no one can see me, my wedding dress and a dress I have worn for a couple of weddings  (don't worry, different guests) 

I am just not a dress kind of girl.  One of the big issues is tiny thin straps that don't hide my big bazooka hammocks.  (I am a big chested girl, need some big support.  But big support comes with wide straps as a general rule!)

So, rather than wear a shrug, cardi or shawl over the top, I decided I would adapt them.

I had no chance of finding similar fabric, so I bough some colour matching wide ribbon instead.

And very simply sewed it underneath the original strap.   

Yeah, really, it was that simple and made a huge difference.

I did run it up on the sewing machine, but you could just as easily do it by hand with some tiny running stitches.

LOOK !  no more washed-out grey bra strap showing through.  Why did I not think of this before?

PS: dresses are now packed away again for next summer  :)


  1. Does your mind ever get time off!! Jolly effective idea.

  2. Great idea, it looks so much nicer without the bra straps showing :)

    1. I know some people really don't mind, and maybe I wouldn't if it was a nice lacy number. But grubby grey bras showing are really my bugbear :) It has stopped me buying quite a few nice tops in the past too.


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