Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Another day at the Marina.

The plan for today was to venture outwards, to see if there was anything else to this area than posh shops, pricey restaurants and gleaming white yachts.
So after breakfast of mini tostas (we discovered these gorgeous little morsels last time we visited) it was time to face the day.

We set off, got down to the coast and immediately came across a barrier that guided us back towards the Marina.
It was at this point we spotted the miserable grey clouds, full of rain no doubt, and heading our way. Great!

Ok, so somehow we'd gone off course, which meant a change of plan was needed. "Let's do the lighthouses" he said. 

Good idea, I like walking out to lighthouses, they are usually much, much further than you expect and you get a great view back inland.

These are the lighthouses. Although they look quite close, they actually mark the entrance of the Marina and are quite a distance (walking wise) apart.

Off we set for the first one, only to discover that we could actually get very far due to the rocky nature of the path underfoot. (And that fact I had flip-flops on).

Still, the view was nice.... to the left....

And back inland to the Marina....

Now, to walk around and over to the other one.

Well, as you may have guessed, those nasty grey clouds beat us to it and it started to drizzle. Having only got 3/4 trousers, flip-flops & a lightweight jacket (just in case of chilly evenings) we decided we should take cover and have a drink.  Enjoying the view through the rain splattered windows. 

Half an hour or so later & it looked like it had stopped so we set off again. Getting a good distance nearer this time before the rain started and we decided we should probably give up the idea as a bad job before we got caught out at the tip of the lighthouse with no cover.

Lunch then, and a lovely feta, olive & tomato baguette....

With more wine...

Cheers you big ugly rain clouds!

The rain didn't stop, it was that weird kind of rain, like a thin mist, that soaks you to the skin within minutes.
The only thing we could do was to dash to the Haagan Dazs cafe for an ice-cream. Oh the hardship.

Then another dash back to the apartment (stopping on the way to see if we could buy an umbrella - no) to dry out.

The rain stopped a few hours later, the temperature was a lot lower, and we really felt the pain of having to put on still damp jackets so we could head back out for dinner. 

The chilly breeze soon dried us out though as we pondered menus deciding what to eat.
Chinese won. We found a lovely restaurant, decently priced, but full of people properly dressed for dinner, then us, in our damp clothes and North Face hats. (Originally meant to protect us from the sun but rapidly turned into rain caps)

The food was lovely. Tofu for me in a sweet chilli sauce.   Sweet & Sour Chicken for him.

Followed by a ball of deep fried ice-cream to share. 

And that was the end of another damp day in Vilamoura. Tucked up in bed (with two extra blankets) by 9.00pm.

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