Sunday, 13 March 2016

Clover Adjustable Tassel Maker

These fab little gadgets popped into the Hobbycraft store recently, so of course, I had to take one home to try it out.

It is a Clover Tassel maker.  Basically an adjustable frame that you change to suit what size tassel you wish to make by using the screws on the side.

Then you simply wrap your yarn, cotton, ribbon, thread - anything you want to use really, around the frame, tie it in the middle, cut and wrap the tassley head bit.

It really is that simple and quick!   The instructions are clear and show you exactly what to do, and the tassels are really good when finished.  You could use them to make curtain tie backs, keyrings, earrings, corners for cushions, anything really.

Sorry for the duff photo though!!

Now, do I need one of these for myself?  I think I might do actually.

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