Thursday, 3 March 2016

A very colourful baby blanket

I was recently asked to make a baby blanket by a friend, for her friend.  The brief was "colourful and stripy".  Which works for me, I rather like making stuff in bright popping colours.

We chose the yarn together, starting with the variegated Hayfield Bonus Buzz DK in blue, aqua and lime.  We then added a bright lime green (although it does look quite  yellow throughout these photos) and a gorgeous spearmint aqua shade.

So, stripes.   It's a bit boring doing rows and rows of the same stitch, so I thought I would change the pattern as I changed the yarn.   I did a variety of stitches in the end, which seemed to work ok together.

It grew......  

And grew some more.....

Then it was time for the edging, which I decided to do in the lime green.

Still not satisfied, I finally finished it with a shell edging in the variegated yarn.

And Voila!   That was it done.  And by all accounts, the new mummy loved her bright new blanket.  Makes a change from pastels I suppose   ;)

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