Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Stencilling with Doilies

Did you ever play with doilies and felt tipped pens as a youngster?   I remember my parents going to parties and often bringing my sister and I back a doily each to colour in.   Sometimes they would have grease marks on them, so I guess they tool them from the empty plates once the buffet was done  :)

They were such great fun to colour in, and to colour through the gaps onto plain paper, until the doily actually fell apart in the end due to overuse.

So, I thought I might relive it, in a slightly different way.

I took a stretched canvas, some different patterned doilies, some acrylic paints and a small brush and started to play.

The paint dried quite quickly to I could peel back the doily and re-use it.  I used a couple alternatively to make sure they were perfectly dry before re-using though so there was no colour bleeding.

I am thinking that young folks might like this, it should keep them busy for a while and make a pretty wall hanging for their rooms too!!  (Or a nice gift for a relative).

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