Saturday, 26 March 2016

Plate Weaving at Rheged

During the half-term holidays, the week that the Harris Tweed exhibition began, I was asked to pop along to Rheged Centre and do some crafts for young folks.

I decided on Plate Weaving, as Harris Tweed is woven, and I needed something to fit in with the theme of the exhibition.

I also added little woolly hats as a side in case they finished their plate weaving early.

As it happened, they all seemed to want to go for the mini woolly hats first !!

But how cute are they?  And they sit perfectly on the top of a pop bottle  (or wine bottle for the parents  :) )

But plates were also weaved -  in and out, round and round with colourful yarns.

I did three sessions in all, one after another. It was quite tiring but a great day.  Can't wait to go back!

Have you ever been to Reghed?  It's close to the M6 at Penrith, only a mile or so down the road.  The centre is kind of hidden in a grassy dome and there is loads to do for children there.  Check out the website and find out more.

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