Thursday, 28 April 2016

Ruby's new collar

Ruby is a bullbreed - a Staffordshire / Boxer cross, or so they told us at the refuge.  She is definitely bullbreed as she can turn her head almost inside out when she yawns!  We think she is most beautiful.

However, sadly, not everyone shares our love.  She is very friendly and loving, but does have a strength - 29.9kg of solid muscle at last weigh in - and people can be afraid.

A couple of weeks ago I was doing our usual walk around the river - a great place for dogs to romp and play, when a young excited Springer came bounding up.  Ruby was like "hey, yeah, nice to meet you, let's play" when the owner started screaming at me to get my dog on a lead!

Of course, I asked why, she said Ruby was "out of control" as she wasn't on a lead.   I pointed out that her dog was also not on a lead and had indicated to Ruby that she wanted to play.  The snotty Springer owner then told me it was ok that her dog was not on a lead as it was a "nice dog"!

It took me all my time not to slap her with my steaming bag of dog poo.

Instead I simply clicked the catch on Ruby's lead, which was round my neck and also which indicates to Ruby that I want to put her lead on, and she stood stock still while I attached her lead and the Spaniel ran around her in circles, still wanting to play.

"Now, get your dog on a lead and leave please" I said.... there might have been an expletive in there somewhere  ;)

She finally managed to put a choker chain (I hate those things) around her dog's neck and it tugged her around the field almost yanking her arm out of the socket.  So THAT's the control bit I missed in puppy training classes.

Anyway.... that's just one story, we have had people actually picking up their dogs when Ruby approaches or turning to walk the other way, we are forever shouting "IT'S OK, SHE'S FRIENDLY".
We never had this trouble when we had a Springer  ;)

So, on a visit to the Vet's this weekend for a check-up, I saw these.  I have seen them before online, but I always like to check the sturdyness of collars in person.  These are great!  They come with big bold wording which leaves you in no doubt about the dog's personality.

We bought one for Ruby.  I wanted a red one really - red for Ruby, but Green it was  ;)  Hubster said he thought I should get the red one for myself.   Note to other dog walkers, the dog is fine, beware of the owner!

We took her for a walk, around the river, that very same day and what a HUGE difference it made. I could hardly believe it.  People relaxed as soon as they saw it, they even called her over to pet her.  Owners were happy to let their dogs play and it was a much nicer walk.

Happy Days.

We got ours from our Vets - Ashley Veterinary in Carlisle.

So, if you fancy one for yourself, I can tell you the quality is excellent (we just bought the large collar and the lead) you can find them here...  but check your local Vets too, they might stock them.


  1. What a good idea, and what an unreasonable woman.
    Hoping to meet Ruby soon.

  2. I too bought a 'friendly' lead (from the same vet) as our Bull Lurcher tends to run up to people and other dogs - he only wants to play and expects everything with two legs to pat him. He only has three legs but runs very fast and he's also a Pets as Therapy dog so is very sociable. With his trainer we've taken part in several campaigns against choke chains - one day we'll get them banned.

    1. Aww, he sounds adorable. We should meet up and let them play together.


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