Thursday, 18 January 2018

Caring is Sharing....

"Caring is Sharing" is a phrase I use a lot in my workshop, usually when I am trying to encourage people to 'check in' on their phones, or to put a post on after their class/workshop - after all, the more people that I can reach out to, the more people will come and craft, ensuring The Shed's success.

It's the same for any small business, share and care - and keep it open.

Being a business owner I joined a local networking meeting called CWE, you can find them on Facebook if you are local to Carlisle and a small business owner yourself.  They meet once a month and have business showcases and stuff.  It's really rather good.

Anywhooo, it was there that I met a lady called Susan.  She is a chiropodist. She has been to many a class in The Shed, I have not yet had my feet done... so the sharing is a little one-sided, so far.  But we converse a little on Facebook and when I put up a photo of my home-made Rum Butter  (I make a batch every year), Susan declared that she had never tried it!

Well, I couldn't let someone never taste the delights of Rum Butter, so I offered her a pot.

When she came to collect it, she had a swapsie for me - a pot of her home made jam, Summerfruits, Apple & Cherry.  I mean, YUM!

It was rather delicious, but what did make me smile was the note on the top - "Seemed fair to share" - it's great to meet someone with a similar outlook  :)

Thanks for the jam, Susan, it went really well on my peanut butter on toast  :)

And remember, this year, try those mantras - 'Sharing is Caring', and 'Fair to Share', you never know what nice treats you will get.

Next year I am planning to make an extra batch of Rum Butter just so I can play swapsies.

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