Friday, 12 January 2018

Hand Embroidery for beginners.

Hand Embroidery seems to be making a huge resurgence at the moment.  Everyone seems to want to have a go at it.... and why not?

A little while ago I was given a large amount of embroidery threads - I made a donation to Charity for them, but I also wanted to give something back to the community, so I arranged a free-of-charge hand-embroidery class.  This happened on our first day back after the Festive season.

The idea was well received and the class was fully booked up quite quickly.

We used a piece of Calico along with a heat-sensitive pen to draw our own patterns on. The pen lines disappear when ironed so they work really well for planning designs.

There was only three stitches to learn in this class, I much rather people go away with good knowledge of a smaller amount, than lots of information that boggles their brain and they cannot continue at home.
We learnt Leaf Stitch, Flower Stitch and Chain Stitch.  Enough stitches to make a bunch of flowers and leaves.  (they also took some threads and a needle away so they could finish off their work in their own time).

Even though all the attendees were given exactly the same choice of colours, and the same tuition, the results were completely unique.  And the work looks so different once the pen marks are ironed off.

I think everyone enjoyed their class, some people even asked for a follow on class to learn more stitches, which is exactly what I want to hear  :)

Thanks for coming if you did, your support to The Shed is appreciated.
And if you fancy a class yourself, check out the website to see what is on.....

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