Sunday, 28 January 2018

Crochet Pineapple Hat & Gloves

I few weeks ago made a cute little hat using a chevron crochet pattern, it worked out really well, but as I was working it I was thinking of other colourways I could do.

As I have a load of buttons left over from when I had a Bead Shop, I thought I would take inspiration from those.

I grabbed three balls of  Stylecraft DK Yarn in Gold, Emerald and Saffron, and got to work.

And I have to say... although it is not something I would wear myself... I do rather like it!

Of course, you always need to see a hat modelled on a head, and as I hate my photo taken I talked my dear Mother into popping it on her head for a photo  (with the usual warning, "This will be used on Social Media" as I snapped away)

The Pineapple buttons really finish it off I think, don't you?

There was plenty of yarn left after the hat - and the plan it to turn these into kits - anyone fancy a Pineapple Hat? - so I thought I should add some added extra and make a pair of wristwarmers too.

Voila!  Pineapple wristies!

And together they make a might fine set, cheery enough to brighten up any old miserable winter day.

Now, what shall I make next?  I have Pawprint buttons, Watermelons, Ladybirds, Carrots!  Be prepared for some more mad designs coming soon   :)

In the meantime, I will post a link once the Pineapple sets are ready to sell.

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