Monday, 22 January 2018

Teaching beginners to sew

One of my most popular workshops is a Learn To Sew one.  I run this as a one day class, or a 4 x 2 hour course - both cover the same basic rules of learning to use a sewing machine.

I held one of these full day classes last week.

The first hour is spent looking at the sewing machine and working out what all the buttons do.  We change needles, swap presser-feet, learn to thread and wind bobbins and a bit of trouble shooting too.

Then we go on to play and practise the stitches, running up loads of different lines on pieces of sheeting - that bit is much more fun than it might sound, trying out all the various stitches that a sewing machine can offer can be really interesting.

After that, it's time to make things!  Each project is chosen to give a skill of some sort.
 We start off with a simple pin-cushion, the skill in this is cutting straight lines and sewing straight lines, learning to take the fabric in and out of the machine, and at the end of quite a few rows you get a lovely, useful, pin-cushion. 

I forgot to take photos of these at the last class so I can't show you those, but I can show you what they made next - a gorgeous cushion cover.  A very simple style, but perfect for beginners as it shows construction. It is very easy to make a cushion cover, but one of those things that seem quite advanced.

And the last thing we do on this workshop is a fully lined zipped purse.  When I tell the attendees that they will be putting a zip in by the end of the day, they always look shocked/amazed/frightened, but they do it, and they are usually super chuffed with themselves.

If you fancy tackling your own sewing machine, or are thinking of getting one, why not try this class yourself.... you can find out what is on offer by

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