Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Hen Parties at The Shed

It was so nice to host our very first Hen Party in The Shed last week.

12 hens arrived, with Prosecco bottles tucked under their arms, for a few hours of crafting and chatting.

My brief was to include Tartan somewhere within the session, so I put a few suggestions forward to the party planner.

In the end it was decided that the Hens would make themselves a sash each, with Tartan lettering, so they could wear them when they continued the party later on in Carlisle City centre.

The plan was to split the Hens into teams with a designated sewer who was confident enough to to all the Applique work on the sashes, but with everyone seeming quite keen to use the sewing machine  (some for the very first time) they all ended up having a go.

The sashes were finished off with a big wooden button, so they got through quite a few sewing skills in that session - Applique, satin stitch sewing, button sewing and lots of ironing - and the did all look mighty smart in them too!

After a little refreshment break with big gooey chocolate cakes and more Prosecco, it was onto creating a fabulous Slate Heart each using the art of Zentangling (doodling with intent) to decorate.

There was lots of silence at the start of this craft as the concentration levels were high, but the chatter soon returned as they got comfortable with the pens.

The three hours just flew by and it was a lovely atmosphere.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and I certainly enjoyed the experience as everyone was willing to have a go.

A huge HELLO to the bride Kerry, hope your wedding goes fantastically, and big thanks to Lizzy for organising the event and allowing me to be part of the party.

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