Thursday, 31 July 2014

Ruby's new activity toy.

A few weeks ago one of my friends on Facebook shared this video...

Video Source / You Tube / Eveline Poot

What a genius idea, I thought, that would be perfect for Ruby.   It would keep her amused, interested and make her brain work all at the same time.

So I made my eyes go all big and girly and dropped my voice to a sqeecky whine and said....

DADDY !! Make me one of these for Ruby  Please  

A few days later he was photographed rummaging around in my Brother In Laws trailer for supplies.

Then he got to work, with the help of the before-mentioned Brother In Law and built Ruby a new activity toy.

She has not quite yet got the hang of it.  Well perhaps she has in her own way, she nudges it a bit, makes it swing, then looks at us with her puppy dog eyes, we then kick the bottle into action releasing the treats.   Maybe she is just a bit cleverer than us!!

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