Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Pom Poms for Eden Valley Hospice

Our local hospice - Eden Valley Hospice - is having a crack at breaking the world record attempt at most pom-poms made (strung together in a continuous line, I believe).

I have mentioned it before as I have hosted a couple of events to help add to the collection.

The first one I did was way back in October 2015, where we made a start and created some wonderful looking woolly balls.  You can see that post HERE if you would like to recap.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I was asked to host a pom-pom making session at The Lanes shopping centre in Carlisle.   I was donating my time, and Hobbycraft in Carlisle donated as much yarn as we could use (again, as they donated for my previous sessions too)

We were situated in the old Miss Selfridge shop right in the middle of The Lanes, and we got to work making pom-poms.

Then the most random thing happened, these two turned up to help!
 Rapunzel (I know this as I recognise the hair), and Peter Pan.

Only, it's not Peter Pan of course, it's Flynn Rider.  Shows how much I know about Disney characters  ;)  I got a stern look I can tell you.

I really should take some time to watch the films, I guess that will happen naturally when the Granddaughters grow up a bit.

Anyway, they did a good job, don't you think?  A big thank you to them for taking part.

And I believe the record number or pom-poms required has been smashed..... now just to string them all together and find somewhere to hang them!

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