Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Giant Floor Cushion - Free Tutorial

I made a giant floor cushion for display in Carlisle Hobbycraft recently.

I love this fabric the colours just work so well.   I teamed it with a purple and a dusky pink for the back of the cushion and just used the print for the front.

If you would like to make one they are VERY easy, just straight sewing required - no zips or buttonholes  :)  The instructions are below.

How to make:
The Liner: 
·         First of all we will make the liner, from the lining fabric cut two squares each measuring  62cm x 62cm. 
·         Place the fabric squares together and leaving a 15cm gap for stuffing on one side, sew all the way around the square using a 10mm seam allowance.
·         Clip the corners neatly, turn the right way, stuff as required and hand-sew the gap closed.
The Cover: 
·         Using Fabric A, cut a square measuring 62cm.
·         Using Fabric B, cut a rectangle measuring 62cm x 42cm.
·         Using Fabric C, cut a rectangle measuring 62cm x 42cm.
·         Take Fabric B and fold over one of the 62cm sides by 10mm and press flat, fold it over again and press flat again. Sew down this seam neatly.
·         Repeat the last step with Fabric C.
·         Place Fabric A right side facing up on your table, and place B on top, right side facing down, with the raw 62cm edge matching the sides and the sewn seam towards the centre.
·         Place Fabric C on top of this with the raw edge matching the opposite side and the sewn seam towards the centre, overlapping Fabric B.
·         Pin into place.
·         Sew all the way around using a 10mm seam allowance - no gaps for turning.
Clip the corners and turn the right way in through the envelope gap created.

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