Monday, 6 June 2016

Decoupaging old School Chairs

I had managed to  get my hands on a few very old wooden school chairs. In not bad condition too.  

But what could I do with them?   I buy these things without a plan, and have to think of the plan later.

Aha!  I could run a decoupage workshop with them.

And that is exactly what I did.

Some lovely ladies joined me and got to work with some sandpaper at first, scrubbing the varnish off the chairs to give it a rough edge for the paper to stick.  

Just look at that wee baby enjoying the movement at Mummy scrubbed the chair!  (she was picked up by Dad soon after, before the messy play started).

Each lady picked a completely different colour scheme, some went for pastels, some for vintage, some for brights and bolds.   I wished I had picked all of them as they all worked up really nicely.

The workshop was just two hours, and of course you can't decoupage a whole chair in two hours, but they made a good start on the seats, then took home the skills and materials to complete the chair in their own time.

Just how fabulous are these?  I think the pink is my fav... no wait, the blue.... no wait, maybe the....... agghh, I just cannot choose!

And a close up so you can see just how nicely the papers worked.

I cannot wait to see these chairs finished, and if you are reading ladies, please do not forget to send me photos.

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